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  30-09-2011: Between 500mē and 1000mē wharehouse to rent!!!!!!
  30-09-2011: Trailers for sale!!!!!!!
About Oudimmo

History and Infrastructure

Oudimmo Logistics was founded in 1985 and ever since, it has been delivering all kinds of cargo to and from Italy. While this was initially carried out by sub-contractors, the firm purchased the first of its own trailers in 1991. In 1994 Oudimmo leased 4 trucks, and it purchased its first truck in 1996, which signalled the start of the firm's own fleet. Nowadays, Oudimmo has 20 trucks that drive to Italy and back, and it has a consolidated departure every day (see infrastructure).


In 1997, Oudimmo Logistics leased a warehouse space measuring 700m², which was later purchased. Due to the rapid growth in operations, this warehouse quickly became too small and the firm extended its facilities by purchasing 8000m² of industrial property in Puurs, Belgium. During the first expansion phase, a warehouse was constructed in Puurs with a surface area of 1000m². Further expansion of up to 2500m² is planned for the end of 2010. Warehouses and offices were inaugurated on April 2, 2001.  Due to the continued growth of our customer base and the increasing demand for transport among our existing customers, work was commenced on a 1500m² expansion of the warehouse in 2010, which has made a total capacity of 2500m² available.

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