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  30-09-2011: Between 500mē and 1000mē wharehouse to rent!!!!!!
  30-09-2011: Trailers for sale!!!!!!!
About Oudimmo » Quality


Oudimmo Logistics strives to provide a quality service at various different levels:


       • Regular additional training at the administrative level

       • Constant evaluation of drivers’ behaviour en route

       • Constant attention to behavioural ethics with regard to customers and suppliers.

       • Strict compliance with driving and resting times.

       • Attention to stacking the load carefully.


       • Continual upgrading and maintenance of the rolling stock to ensure reliable service.

       • Concern for the environment by investing in Euro 5 equipment, which is designed to limit exhaust and noise nuisance.


       • For some time now, the firm has been investing in the installation of dead-corner mirrors.

       • Ensuring that trucks have good visibility by using reflecting materials.

       • Experienced drivers

In-house employees:

       • Attention to a thorough knowledge of most European languages

       • Regular further training courses to ensure a thorough knowledge of ADR regulations.

       • Participation in professional training courses.

       • Striving for optimal contact with customers.


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